Are Your Sales Thwarted by Competitors Who Attack Your Value?

Do you fight against your business becoming commoditized by the competition who find ways to drive down prices to squeeze you out of the market? Are your salespeople often thwarted by competitors who try to undermine and sabotage your relationship with your clients by finding ways to edge you out with pricing and feature tactics that attempt to make you look like the lesser option – when you well know you are the better choice all the way around? It’s a tough job to be a commodity vendor up against wanna-be look-alikes. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

The source of commoditization in most businesses is due to the inability to identify and then language the asset-value a company delivers to their market or prospective clients. When your asset-value is ambiguous and fails to be understood by your marketplace – you literally hand the competition the ability to leverage that weakness to undermine and sabotage your best and most burning drive to grow.

The CEO Blueprint offers CEOs and their teams the opportunity to build a company with strong asset-value and the ability to flawlessly execute the strategy you have strived to achieve – often for the entire life-cycle of your business.
Companies that fail to execute their strategy frequently look at their performance and make the decision to change their strategy, thinking if the results aren’t happening as intended it must be a flawed strategy.

Over 15 years of research into the nature of ‘Best Place To Work’ companies has helped identify the true weaknesses that hold companies back and rarely are they found in the strategy. Yet each year as 87 percent of companies fail to execute their strategy, strategies get routinely amended, altered and often discarded.

What an overwhelming waste of good thinking that never has a chance. AND it’s not fun.

The opportunities CEOs and their teams are seeking are rarely, if ever, found in creating more, better and faster ways to execute strategy. Prospects rarely buy because a company has more stuff they can deliver faster with a better price than the next guy. ‘More, better, and faster’ is an often used but failed commoditization business model. Most CEOs don’t recognize they are even using it.

Would you like us to design a CEO Blueprint for your business (at our expense) and show you how you can decommoditize your business and turn it into an industry leader that literally excludes the competition? That’s who we are for our partners. How can we help you build a seemingly-impossible business that becomes fun again?